Sunday, October 9, 2011


Before one of our runs, the team headed out for lunch in a nearby Turo-turo. Turo-turo are small shops that sell food near the streets. The word 'turo' means 'point' in English. We call them as such because you have to point at the food that you want to eat.

On that particular day, they were serving Fried Lumpiang Gulay (Fried Vegetable Spring Roll). I had mine splattered with hot sauce. They don't provide utensils so you have to use a plastic bag to eat. It was kinda fun! :) They were also serving Puso, sticky rice wrapped in Coconut leaves, but because I was scrimping on my calories, I didn't get one anymore.

Mike with the team. (Left to Right) Darwin, James, Tina, Jeff, Janet, Manuel, Ish and Mike.

One more shot with me!

I regret not being able to take a photo with the proprietor. She was very nice and friendly.. And she was REALLY good in mental math! She can compute the total amount of the orders in 3 seconds! :)

If ever you're near San Lorenzo Ruiz School in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, then be sure to try this place. :)


On our third night in Cebu, we decided to try Zubuchon. The restaurant was only a 5-minute walk from our hotel. It was highly recommended by our Cebu team so we were very excited to try it.

Cute logo. :)

They are famous for their Lechon (Roasted Pig). Unfortunately, when we got there, it was sold out already!

Next time I'm here, I'll try their Squid stuffed with Zubuchon Sisig.

Me trying to be awake despite the exhaustion!

Went here with Mike and one of our Team Leaders, Manuel.

Iba (Kamias) Shake. This was strongly recommended by Manuel. It was pretty good, a proper mixture of sweetness and sourness. This restaurant proudly communicates that they are the original makers of Iba Shake in Cebu. :)

Mike ordered Lechon Paksiw. I tasted some of it and it was yummy! Best paired with rice.

Manuel and I both ordered the Pritchon, since they ran out of Lechon. In other restaurants, Pritchon is usually a roasted piglet, but here, it's fried Lechon. The meat was still tender even though it was fried. I used vinegar with soy sauce and chili with it.

Overall, Zubuchon is a must-try in Cebu. The staff was very friendly. They even gave me their contact numbers because they knew I wanted to bring home some Lechon to Manila. Try it out for yourself!

Sunburst Chicken

I went to Cebu this week to do manpower training for one of our projects. It was my third time here and I must say, this trip is by far the most fun I've had. The training and pilot run took most of my time so I was only able to try the restaurants near the hotel. Fortunately, it was located near Fuente Circle so there were a lot of food choices around.

Our Territory Manager, Tina, recommended Sunburst to us. It was one of the restaurant chains in Cebu that was famous for their chicken. I went there with Mike, who flew with me for the training. We both ordered Sunduo, which consisted of 2 pcs. (1 big and 1 small part) of chicken, rice, coleslaw and some fries.

Sunburst Chicken, the taste that sticks!

The place reminded me of Max's because they use Banana Ketchup. The chicken was good but not something that you would really crave for when you're hungry. I still prefer Jollibee's or KFC's Fried Chicken. The coleslaw that came with it was good but needed more vegetables.

They have different combomeals to suit any type of budget.

Mike with his Sunduo. He ordered Buko Juice as his drink.

I ordered Pepsi Max since they only carry Pepsi products.

Overall, it was a good dinner. For affordable fast meals, Sunburst is a good place to visit.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tian Di Spa Experience

One of my best friends, Ayn, gave me a spa certificate for my birthday last May. Because of the craziness at work, I was only able to use it last week. I invited Mommy to come along with me since she likes trying out new things. We've been passing by Tian Di for a while now because my Grandparents live near it but we thought it was an events place. The pictures online were beautiful so I was excited to go there. Unlike some spas where you could walk in, it was highly recommended that you call first for an appointment. It took me a while to find a time to squeeze my massage in because of my meetings and their schedule being full but I was finally able to book a massage for two last Thursday.

According to their website, they had sunrise and sunset rates so I made sure to book within their sunrise time because they charge Php300 more for everything after sunset. Unfortunately, when I got there, I was informed that they've changed the time for the two rates and they didn't update their website. I was a little irritated because I felt that I was being cheated! Haha.

Tian Di was a converted old family house with dark interiors. It had a charming feel to it and it looks clean.

Mommy and I were put in the couples room. Our room had a bathroom with a faucet in the room.

The towels were a little small and thin. Mom was disappointed about that.

They had a rain shower but the water was weak so it was hard to shower. The drainage was also filled with hair which was gross.

The interior inside that room was pretty. It had white wooden walls and antique-y furniture. The lighting was very dim so I had to open the curtains to get better photos. Yes, I am STILL using my phone cam. Haha.

Mommy, sleepy after the massage.

It was a bit eerie outside at night because it was really really dark and we were the only ones there!

We chose the Filipino massage for the Banana leaves but the warmth from the leaves only lasted 3-5 seconds. The leaves were so small. However, the massage was FANTASTIC! I snoozed off 15 minutes after the masseuse started and woke up feeling refreshed. :)

My gift coupon included a drink of choice and it was sad that the ONLY available drink they have was instant Iced Tea. It was too sweet for my taste.

Overall, I would come back if only for the massage. The staff was okay but I like the service from The Spa better.


Comfort Food at Home

I've always been on the lookout for the perfect Beef Stew recipe. I suddenly had a craving for it last week and remembered that I made some Beef Stew in Singapore while I was still working there. It was an experimental recipe because I was itching to use my new crock pot. Anyway, back to my story! I decided to make some stew and used our pressure cooker to make the brisket cook faster. It took me almost two (2) hours before I was able to make the meat soft. Weird, I was already using a PC!

Here's the finished product! I added the carrots at the last 15 minutes.

Jantzen requested for some Mashed Potatoes so I made some too. I deliberately made these a bit bland because the sauce of the Beef Stew had a sweet taste.

We also had some sweet corn so I made some Buttered Corn.

My grandfather's nephew sent him A LOT of shrimp and he gave us some; so mommy made some Gambas. Since I am the only person in the family who likes spicy food, the small red squares you see there are sweet Bell Peppers and not Chili! Haha.

Here they all are in my plate! Yummy!

Overall, I would have wanted the beef more tender. It's just that the pressure cooker was taking so long and it was almost 9:00PM! I love mom's Gambas though. The shrimps were perfectly cooked and sweet. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nic's Sweetshop

Last last weekend, on our way to my Grandparents' house, we passed by this bakeshop and had a sudden craving for some cake so we headed there after dinner for some sweets. I really like the look of the shop. It was well-lighted, sleek and very modern. I could imagine myself reading a book there and just hanging out.

We ordered the Dark Toblerone Sansrival because it looked good. Sad to say, I wasn't happy with the cake. The only thing I liked was the tiny bits of Toblerone. We also ordered their Molten Chocolate Cake and were very disappointed too.

They have a variety of cakes displayed.

Looks yummy, don't they?

They were also selling brownies and cupcakes. I didn't try them anymore but they did look good.

They have breads too!

Overall, I don't think I'd come back. The cakes need more improvement. :)

Chick.. Chick.. Chickboy!

A sudden craving for grilled food made us go to Chickboy. I haven't tried eating there yet so I was curious!

Like Mang Inasal, they were offering Php 99 meals with unlimited rice and soup.

Their prices are quite cheap with desserts only Php 25-30 per order.

We ordered Bangus Sisig for starters. It was okay with some Knorr Seasoning.

The dessert came early! For the price, it was worth it. I do want the skin to be more crispy but the filling was good.

Jantzen ordered Cebu Lechon Manok. He said that it was okay but the size was really small. Not worth the Php 99.

I didn't feel like eating Chicken so I ordered Grilled Liempo instead. Justin ordered this as well. It was a big disappointment. Aside from the fact that the liempo was very thin, the food was served cold. The meat needs more marinade.

Overall, the food could use a lot of improvement. Service was good though and should be commended. :)